Obuse and the surrounding towns; Matsushiro, Suzaka, Takayama, Nakano, and Yamanouchi, are located alongside the Chikuma River, and are often referred to as the Kita-shinano Kato Cultural & Sightseeing District. Each town has unique cultural aspects, reflecting its natural environment and the history, and locality of the area is represented in museums and art galleries. The following are brief descriptions of the total of 30 museums in the vicinity.

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Nagano Zozan Memorial Museum
Sanada Homotsu-kan / Sanada family residence/ Literature and Military School
Ikeda Masuo Art Museum
Nagano City Museum
Kitano Museum of Art
Suzaka Suzaka Classic Museum
Kasaboko (or Kasahoko) Kaikan Dream Hall
Suzaka City Museum
Suzaka Hanga Museum/ Hiratsuka Un-ichi Hanga Museum
The World Folk Doll Museum/ Suzaka City Historical Buildings
Tanaka Honke Museum
Obuse Hokusai Museum
The Japanese Lamp Museum
Takai Kozan Memorial Hall
The Obuse Museum/ The Nakajima Chinami Gallery
Contemporary Chinese Art Museum
Chikuma-gawa Highway Museum
The Taikan (Bonsai Museum)
Ryoan (old ceramics collection)
Takayama Takayama Village History and Folk Custom Museum
Issa Yukari-no Sato Museum
Nakano Creation Hall and Insect Display & Greenhouse in Kitashinano Country Forest & Cultural Park
Nakayama Shinpei Memorial Hall
Japan Clay Doll Museum
Nakano Quarters/ Prefectural Memorial Hall
Nakano-shi Rekishi Minzoku Shiryokan
Yamanouchi Shigayama Bunko
Gosetsu-no Yakata
Igaya Memorial Hall
Shiga-kogen Roman Museum

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