Third International Hokusai Conference in Obuse

Time: April 19 - 22, 1998
Place: Ho-o Arena, Kinro Seishonen Home (Hokusai Hall) in Obuse-machi
Participants: 400 members (150 of whom are from overseas), 25 research reports
Theme: The World of Hokusai


The Third International Hokusai Conference, the first meeting to be hosted in the artist's native land, was held during an eventful time in Nagano Prefecture. Zenko-ji Temple disclosed its sacred image in 1997, an event held only once every seven years. The Nagano Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games was held in 1998. The Hokusai Conference is an academic meeting where experts around the world gather to discuss their latest discoveries on the ukiyo-e artist. The first conference was held in 1990 based on the theme of Hokusai and His Brush Paintings. The second was held in 1994 on Hokusai and His Age. The meetings both took place in Venice, Italy. Use of modern technology enhanced exchanges of information during the upcoming third conference. Further understanding of the artist Hokusai and the town Obuse where he spent a significant amount of his time was encouraged through this spectacular event.

The conference featured research reports by several scholars as well as an honorary lecture by Dr. Donald Keene.

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